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Specialized in the production of ductile iron, gray iron, cast steel, copper, aluminum castings and other products
Company culture

Company culture

The highest level of management is the corporate culture management. The strong R&D advantages and successful marketing contributed to the development of Nantong Zhenya Nodular Graphite Casting Co., Ltd. All employees are obliged to carry forward the spirit of "unity, cooperation, courage, dedication, truth-seeking and pragmatism”, persevere it in every bit, and enrich its connotation in the years to come.

For teamwork: When everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high. That the employees come together with team spirit and unity is the cornerstones for the survival and development of one company. Cherry blossoms are characterized by small but many petals. One petal may be insignificant, but countless petals come together will form a quite spectacular scene. This is what team spirit is about.

For fighting spirit: the boundless scenery is at the perilous peak. The fighting spirit is defined by the determination to forge ahead towards the goal, persistent purse and never yielding to difficulties. It is with these qualities, Zhenya Nodular Graphite Company addressed technical challenges one by one, beat down the market over the strong domestic and foreign competitors and won the trust and praise of the customers at home and abroad.

For dedication: no pains, no gains. Dedication is defined by the meticulous attitude towards work, and the habit of "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today ". It is precisely because of the dedicated employees that Zhenya Nodular Graphite Company enjoys a promising future.


corporate vision:

Create Chinese Famous Brand, Outstanding World Product


Corporate purposes:

Quality, innovation, pioneering, enterprising


Enterprise spirit:

Integrity, pragmatism, unity, innovation


style of working:

Fast, serious, rigorous and efficient

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