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  •  Nantong Zhenya Ductile Casting Co., Ltd.
  •  Nantong Zhenya Ductile Casting Co., Ltd.

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  Nantong Zhenya Nodular Graphite Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1998. Located in Taiyangdian Village of Henggang Community of Xingren Town of Tongzhou District in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, the company links to the urban area of Nantong in the west, joins the Sutong Yangtze River Highway Bridge in the south, and is next to Nantong airport in the east. With Nanjing-Qidong Expressway as well as Coastal Expressway running through the territory and Nantong Railway Station, Tongsha automobile ferry station, Nantong passenger and freight station as well as East Station surrounding it, the company owns convenient transportation which is a unique geographical advantage.

  The company covers an area of 25 acres, among which building area is 12,000 square meters and hires more than 150 employees now. The company mainly produces ductile iron, gray iron, copper, aluminum castings and other products which are mainly used in the mechanical parts, fire accessories, upper and lower water pipes as well as other accessories. The company’s annual production capacity is 5,000 tons. United States and Japan is the designated production units, and the company will gradually extend to other countries in Asia and Europe. With high corporate credit and convenient financing, it has made "3A" grade credit. The company has advanced production equipments: electric stove, Cupola, Mixer, shot blasting machine, core shooting machine, resin sand production line, mechanical molding machine and other machineries and equipments, which basically meet the needs of foreign trade and domestic production. In order to ensure product quality, the company has invested high-tech detection analysis investments-- furnace operation instruments: HF-0513X (0-1760)℃ portable thermometer, OSC-3 3t / 1kg electronic crane scale and HF-2002T furnace hot metal fast quality analyzer; laboratory instruments: HXS-3A high-speed computer analyzer, HXE-7B carbon and sulfur analyzer; physical properties instruments: WE-600AKN hydraulic universal testing machine, HB-3000B Brinell hardness tester; spheroidization rate testing instruments: XTP-300 metallographic image analyzer, P / NP-138-0002 spheroidization rate ultrasonic detector. Products quality has achieved ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and reached the certification standards of the United States UL, ULC, and FM.

  The company’s staff will always be with a new attitude, work hard and corporately, forge ahead, and always uphold the quality-oriented, service-oriented, customer-oriented service tenet, so as to try to win the support and recognition of the majority of customers.