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Our country to machine tool casting equipment to implement tax reduction and tax policy

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  In recent years, China's machine tool equipment casting products, the export profit margins decreased significantly. Recently, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, of machine tools imported by foreign-funded enterprises casting equipment tax policy adjustment, which means that foreign-funded enterprises import these devices will not like the past, enjoy exemption from customs duties and value-added tax concessions, so the domestic foundry industry is an invisible protector, in the fierce market environment provides a buffer zone.

  Machine tool imports casting equipment policy of tax reduction and tax exemption policy adjustment, newly approved foreign investment projects, if import "domestic not tax-free directory" listed in the CNC machine tool casting products and pressure molding machine, the imposition of tariffs. In other words,and foreign-funded enterprises only imported domestic existing technology can not meet the requirements of the NC machine tool and the pressure molding machine, in order to enjoy the relevant preferential, the our country machine tool foundry equipment to develop is undoubtedly a rare opportunity, China's machine tool casting equipment needed to seize the opportunity to promote domestic machine tool casting equipment to better development.