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Japan casting mold industry in the world of a secret

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  Japan to the power of an island, standing in the forest of the nations of the world, Japan in the world economy with a strong influence, thanks to the development of the cause of Japan, Japan casting mould for Japan's economic contribution to the great strength, at present, Japan die casting industry still represents the advanced level in the world.

  Then, the casting mold industry in Japan is what secret world precedent?

  One is, the Japanese foundry mold enterprise design is very detailed, all 2D drawings are very thin, and all the tolerance.

  Second, Japanese companies focus on processing technology research, of the casting mold roughing, finishing, electric pulse, line cutting and other processes have developed a detailed technical specification, including processing,and machining allowance and the machining parameters are included in the specification,and the in the production process, according to the process specification and technical standard for processing, and shall not deviate from.

  Japanese companies in die casting quality control in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings, employees after the completion of processing all self and make a record, including cavity after finishing, with advanced 3D detection equipment of 3D scanning and comparing, directly determine is not within the tolerance, in principle, is qualified after was transferred to the next process.