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Rapid development of China's foundry industry related industry

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  In view of the current situation, the situation of the development of China's foundry industry is still in a slump, but industry development is rapid, which is casting industry development provides a potential market demand, the foundry enterprises should vigorously casting industry of key areas related to market development, to seek greater target market and development space. Aviation, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries is casting industry is related to the development of the industry focus areas, focus on docking these important industries is casting industrial development needs of the market, to quicken the pace and intensify efforts to expand the demand for these industries, for casting identify the product sale channel, promote cast made the development of production, is the key to the rapid development of Chinese foundry industry.

  The development of related industries, will inevitably lead to the development of the foundry industry, according to the current development momentum, soon, China's foundry industry will be out of the doldrums, into the rapid development.