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Leshan first casting industry engineering technology research center was born

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Afewdaysago,"Leshanfoundryengineeringtechnologyresearchcenter"successfullypassedtheMunicipalScienceandTechnologyBureauoftheexpertgroupofthefieldinvestigationandassessment.  Thisisthefirstfoundryindust

  A few days ago, "Leshan foundry engineering technology research center" successfully passed the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the expert group of the field investigation and assessment.

  This is the first foundry industry engineering technology research center in Leshan city. It is understood that the establishment of the province in the formation of Foundry Engineering Technology Research Center, the industry is still the first.

  According to reports, "Leshan City Foundry Engineering Technology Research Center", mainly engaged in large-scale power station equipment (hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, oil and gas drilling well control equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, ship equipment etc. field high-end castings common technology and key technology research and development, diffusion and results work, promote manufacturing industry to high-end, high value-added development of casting manufacturing, enhance casting the market competitiveness of the industry, drive the regional equipment manufacturing industry development. On the Leshan Shawan Tianhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is member of the National Association of casting, the Sichuan Provincial Institute of mechanical engineering casting branch vice president of units (the city's only), the casting in the field of nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power, petroleum, natural gas, ships, aerospace and other manufacturing technology, outstanding performance, is our province only to acquire nuclear power accessories in the production of private enterprises, with strong technical force and ability of innovation.

  Leshan Foundry Engineering Technology Research Center was established, will be the development of the foundry industry in Leshan, has important significance.