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Coated sand mud core

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zhenyaMain features of coated sand and mud core:

1. Vibration sand cleaning, high strength, low gas evolution, low expansion;

2. Good dispersion and high surface finish of castings;

3. The shell has no layer, good thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, good fluidity, and the surface of the casting is smooth;

4. High strength, high temperature resistance, low expansion, good mold release and good sand resistance;

5. The shell layer is uniform without peeling, and the curing speed is fast;


zhenyaApplication range

Coated sand is a kind of high-quality selected natural sand as the sand base, through a special performance resin coating system and the most ideal process technology, according to the technical needs of different users, strive to be at room temperature performance, high temperature performance, collapsibility, flow The most perfect combination of performance and surface roughness of castings is widely used in automobile engines, diesel engines, hydraulic parts, steel castings, cast iron parts, copper castings and aluminum castings.


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